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Information for developers of the code

You can get a very simple 1D version of a demo code (there is one in Fortran and one in Python):

git clone --recursive

This is helpful for everyone who wants to learn how the spectral-element method technique works.

We also have simple 3D demo source codes that implement the SEM in a single, small program, in directory utils/small_SEM_solvers_in_Fortran_and_C_without_MPI_to_learn of the specfem3d package. They are useful to learn how the spectral-element method works, and how to write or modify a code to implement it. Also useful to test new ideas by modifying these simple codes to run some tests. We also have a similar, even simpler, demo source code for the 2D case in directory utils/small_SEM_solver_in_Fortran_without_MPI_to_learn of the specfem2d package.

For information on how to contribute to the code, i.e., for how to make your modifications, additions or improvements part of the official package, see .

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